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IV vitamin therapy is the administration of vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream providing increased cell absorption and 100% bioavailability.  A vitamin Booster Shot delivers selected vitamins intramuscularly into the deltoid or gluteal muscle. The IV therapy provides increased hydration and replenishment of electrolytes and it also boosts the immune system, metabolic energy and cell recovery.  For preventative health and wellness, 1-2 IV treatments per month helps balance vitamin deficiencies.  IV infusions last about 30-45 minutes in the office.

Dr. Figueroa Offers:

- Hydrate Boost (pure hydration to replenish electrolytes)

- Energy Boost (optimize overall mental health and physical performance)

- Immune Boost (protect from colds with increased immune support)

- Late Night Boost (revive yourself with liver detox and an energy boost)

- Glamour Boost (help to slow down the process of aging and keep skin, hair and nails pristine and glowing)

- Ultimate Boost (restore balance & harmony to mind, body & soul)

***A Glutathione IV push may be added to any treatments for brighter and glowing skin

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